Are Professional Executive Loans the Key to Owning Your Dream Home?

Posted On: July 6, 2023
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Are Professional Executive Loans the Key to Owning Your Dream Home?

Buying a home and choosing a mortgage – including a specialty mortgage like the professional executive loan – is an adventure. As you browse home listings, excitement fills you as you envision homeownership. And as you get closer to realizing your dream of purchasing a home and signing the mortgage, your anticipation grows. 

But challenges can show up along the way. For example, the current market with higher home prices, interest rates, and a lower supply of homes to meet the demand can make homebuying seem out of reach. However, these challenges don't mean your dreams must break.


What are Professional Executive Loans?

If you've never heard of professional executive loans, they are specialty mortgages exclusive to a group of buyers, such as:

  • Senior Executives
  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Dentists
  • Nurse Practitioners and Anesthetists
  • Physician Assistants
  • Veterinarians

As a member in this category, your higher salary and career growth opportunities place you in a unique position to buy your dream home. The exclusivity of these loans sets you apart from other homebuyers by allowing you access to personalized benefits tailored specifically to your professional status and financial capabilities. 

Not to mention, these loans come with unparalleled perks not offered by other mortgages. It's like getting VIP treatment for the home buyer's journey. These specialty loans offer a more personalized homebuying experience with streamlined processes, money-saving opportunities, and exclusive benefits.  

So, what kind of benefits might you expect? Let's talk about the perks next.


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Mortgage loans made easy!

Eligible Senior Executives, Attorneys, Dentists, CPAs, Veterinarians, Health Care Administrators, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists and other professionals can take advantage of up to 100% financing for their dream homes. 


Perks of Professional Executive Loans

Professional executive loans come full of unique perks and financial flexibility. Here at Extraco Mortgage, our goal is to empower you in your pursuit of homeownership dreams. These loans can greatly help simplify your home purchase, while helping you leverage more of your hard-earned money in other more meaningful ways. Benefits of our Professional Executive Loans:

  •  Up to 100% Financing on Purchase, Refinance, or Principal Residence
  • Single Family Residence
  • Long-Term Financing
  • 3% Seller Contributions Allowable*
  • Save Money as no Private Mortgage Insurance   (PMI) is Required

*Borrower may not receive any cash at closing


Streamline Your Home Purchase

As previously mentioned, a low or no down payment saves you money by lowering your upfront costs. In fact, it can even expand your purchasing power, giving you more money to budget for your new home, moving, furniture, and anything else. 

Oh. And that mortgage insurance we mentioned? Other home loans require it as an additional expense to protect the lender in case of default. However, this insurance also increases the mortgage payment for higher-risk buyers, leaving them with less money for other necessities. 

But professional executives are more uniquely positioned. Higher salaries and the potential for more significant career growth, reduce your overall risk to lenders, which is why these specialty mortgages eliminate the need for mortgage insurance.  

Thus, some additional benefits you'll enjoy include the following:

  • Eliminating extra expenses
  • Lowering monthly mortgage payments
  • Improving mortgage affordability
  • Expanding home purchase power

We've also streamlined the application process to make things easier while saving you more time and effort. Instead of scheduling time to come into a branch and fill out paperwork, you can apply online. It's faster, easier, and more efficient.


The Final Word

Homeownership is a journey, and like any journey, it should be an exciting, fun, and memorable experience regardless of whether you’re buying your first or subsequent home. And while distinct differences set professional executive loans apart from other mortgages, they can be the key to unlocking your dream home while saving you more money. As with any mortgage, consider all the pros, cons, and eligibility criteria before proceeding. 

Remember, your dream home is within reach, and with the help of a professional executive loan, you’ll have a cost-saving, tailored experience that aligns with your professional status and financial goals. 

Our mortgage professionals are eager to assist you and answer any questions. Submit this webform to get connected to your local Mortgage Consultant to get started!



Important Disclosures and Information

  • Veteran Loan: Subject to VA eligibility review. Surviving spouses of veterans may also be eligible
  • Loans subject to credit approval
  • Amount or percentage of down-payment
  • Terms of repayment, reflecting the repayment obligations over the full term, including any balloon payment
  • Annual percentage rate, using that term and if the rate may be increased after consummation, that fact. The abbreviation “APR” may be used.