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Merchant Services

The ability to accept credit cards is critical to your growth. Let us help create flexible and secure solutions for your business.

Extraco brings you card processing alternatives that are transparent, competitive and personal in delivering an exceptional experience.

Customers can use online or mobile banking options

eCommerce Processing

We have a full suite of options for your online store.  Whether you have an existing terminal or are new to processing, we have a solution for you.

Mobile Processing

Whether you’re processing via smartphone, on your tablet, or via a dedicated wireless terminal, we have the right product to fit your mobile endeavors.



Terminal Processing

We offer a complete suite of the latest processing equipment, including EMV-compliant and fully EMV-integrated terminals. Our program supports all major payment types including debit cards with quick and reliable funding.


Business-to-Business Processing

Online processing with IQ Pro helps to ensure that every transaction automatically contains the correct data to qualify for the lowest rates available, including level III. We can also help you with reoccurring transactions. 

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Clover® is a state-of-the-art business management solution that helps a merchant streamline their business. Extraco Banks provides a variety of Clover® products - Go, Flex, Mini, and Station Duo. Click here to learn more.








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