Extraco Banks Heritage

Extraco Banks Heritage

Central Texas born, Central Texas proud.

Exporters & Traders Compress & Warehouse Company

Extraco began its cotton compress and warehousing business in Waco on July 12, 1902. Today, the company has evolved into the largest and most comprehensive independent financial institution headquartered in Central Texas.


Extraco (an acronym for Exporters and Traders Compress) and its affiliate companies are dedicated to building people, businesses and communities. Since the Great Recession, Extraco has extended over $2 billion in loans to 25,000 customers, while financially supporting over 1,275 community organizations working to create economic vibrancy, job growth and overall quality of life to our communities across central Texas. Founded as a cotton warehousing company, Extraco, over $2 billion in assets, is the largest and most comprehensive locally owned bank between Dallas and Austin, serving customers' banking, mortgage, insurance and wealth & trust needs with creative and innovative excellence.

Financial Soundness

Unlike investment banks, Extraco accepts and holds deposits for checking and savings accounts from our Central Texas friends and neighbors. We are regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and we pay for FDIC insurance to cover your deposits. Because of our conservative banking history, Extraco is one of the soundest financial institutions in America today. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Sound Management – our leadership team is experienced, each having “survived and thrived” through the financial crisis of the 1980s
  • Sound Assets – we are a billion-dollar bank; actually, $2 billion and growing
  • Sound Capital – with more than $165 million in capital, we have twice the tangible capital ratio of megabanks, positioning us well for any economic fluctuation
  • Sound Balance Sheet – our reserves are in the 90th percentile of our peers
  • Sound Choices – we know our customers, and we have a great heritage of conservative business practices to guide us in service to them

Corporate Citizenship

Extraco has a comprehensive and ongoing plan of community involvement, serving:

  • Churches and charitable organizations
  • Public and private education
  • Service clubs and professional organizations
  • Civic and municipal organizations, including libraries, fire departments and chamber of commerces