How Mobile Banking Can Ease Your Back-to-School Stress

Posted On: August 21, 2023
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August has arrived, bringing with it the start of another school year. It makes you wonder where the summer went. All those after-school activities like sports, clubs, and other events start from the first day of classes. If your child participates, chances are good you'll find yourself consistently on the go, trying to find time to do your banking somewhere between it all. 

Thankfully, mobile banking with Extraco Banks can ease some of that stress while keeping your finances on track. Below, we've covered the benefits of banking on the go with Extraco.

Check Balances On-the-Go

Checking your balances with mobile banking is super-fast and easy. With a few simple taps, you'll know your current account balances when needed. No more wondering whether you've got enough to cover something when you're away from your computer and nowhere near your local branch.

Getting an overview of your account balances in real-time will also help you make more informed financial decisions, especially during those shopping trips or when an after-school activity runs later than expected, and everyone's hungry.


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Monitor Account Activity 

Mobile banking also allows you to monitor your account activity immediately, which can be a real game-changer. You can stay on top of your budget while identifying any unusual activity or transactions, which comes in handy around the holidays when fraud is peaking.

Many of us today do a little hustling for some side income, and that sometimes includes getting small bumps of cash deposits at different times throughout the month. Expecting a deposit soon? Mobile banking will alert you when a deposit arrives in your account.

Stay Alert with Banking Notifications

You can also set up banking alerts with your mobile app. Stay ahead of potential fraud and other issues before they become problems. Setting an alert to notify you when your account balance is getting low, when there's been a large transaction, or when a payment is due are all great examples of mobile banking notifications. 

Most people associate bank alerts with fraud, an excellent way to avoid deceitful transactions. However, you can do much more with the alerts function to streamline processes and make your life easier.

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Transfer Funds in a Flash

Just as account alerts are a nice touch, so is the ability to transfer funds quickly. If you're the parent of a teen, then you're already aware of the many things they might need — and sometimes want — when they're out with friends, at a sporting event, or on a field trip. 

Mobile banking gives you a simple way to transfer funds from your account to theirs with lightning speed. This same feature makes paying the sitter secure and hassle-free, too!

Deposit Checks While On-the-Go

Another fantastic function of mobile banking is the ability to deposit checks while on the go. Got a paper check and can't get to the bank? No problem! Your mobile banking app will walk you through how to deposit your check quickly using simple prompts and sending a photo of the check.

The Final Word

Mobile banking is a great way to complement a hectic schedule and keep your finances on track without adding stress. By leveraging the features mentioned above, you can keep track of your money and bank accounts and focus more on what truly matters — supporting your child throughout the new school year.