Building Your Dream Home: 7 Awesome Renovation Ideas to Get You Started Today

Posted On: March 28, 2022
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Over the last few years, Americans have begun to adapt their living spaces to fit their day-to-day lives. With many employers now offering work-from-home flexibility and families spending more time at home, a change was in order for many. 

Demand for new homes has increased, supply has decreased, and the cost of housing is skyrocketing. For numerous Americans, the costs associated with buying a new house are out of reach, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your existing home into the oasis of your dreams.

Multi-functional Rooms

The pandemic closures impacted more than Americans working at the office; they also impacted school children. Many families found themselves maneuvering a remote learning plan or no learning plan at all, which then resulted in the homeschooling boom. 

According to the Census Bureau, the number of families homeschooling across the nation grew by 56% over the 2020-2021 school year. Once restrictions were lifted, not all students returned to school. In fact, many families chose to continue remote learning.

At the same time, there was another boom for the remote work movement, which has continued to rise, and so was born the need to create a suitable home workspace.

Multi-functional rooms offer you the space you need, whether that’s for a home office, a learning space, or both. Transforming a spare bedroom, finished basement, attic space, or space above the garage into a room you can use for education, work, or meetings is growing in popularity.

More Windows

If you’re spending increased time at home, chances are you’ll also want to consider adding more natural light to brighten otherwise dim living spaces while revealing views of nature. Installing extra windows is a great way to do this.

Kitchen Islands

Adding a large or small kitchen island to your home is another way to boost your living space. Over the last two years, countless Americans have discovered the joys of cooking and baking from home. A kitchen island offers more than an additional workspace. It’s also an excellent place for families to gather, whether to prep food, dine, or converse.

Bathroom Spa

Most parents of young children are familiar with the notes, crayons, and more that children often pass beneath the bathroom door during your moment of privacy. Of course, there are also the urgent conversations with family members that perhaps were not so urgent after all. This additional time spent in close quarters with family has led many to turn to ways to transform their bathrooms into a personal spa.

New tile, deep-welled sinks, and the addition of spa tubs with complimentary houseplants and other nature items have helped create areas with a relaxing spa feel.

Trendy Outdoor Space

With restrictions lifted in most places across the country, more people are open to entertaining while still maintaining a safe social distance. If you count yourself among them, then there are many ways to design your outdoor space that’s functional and beautiful. You can also create your new outdoor space to promote a safe and healthy distance between you and your guests. By transforming your existing space, you can say goodbye to the drab and hello to the fab.

Increased Storage Space

Also trending now is further attention to storage and organization. Whether you shop online or in the stores, you’ll find more variety of newer storage containers and vessels as well as a plethora of DIY organization tips for around the home. Finding new ways to maximize space, and in some cases, organizing up rather than out or under, has grown in popularity.

If you’re looking to declutter or find a smart new way to organize your space, then increasing your storage areas opens a realm of possibilities. Maximize wall, cabinet, and other spaces to create supplemental storage, added organization, and a trendier look and feel.

The Final Word

Instead of joining the rush to buy a new home and potentially increasing your debt exponentially, why not bolster your existing home to design the home of your dreams. Depending on your goals, you can achieve this easily enough with a home renovation loan and, in some cases, a small home construction loan. Transform your dreams into reality by building your dream home through the frame of your existing home.


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