Utilizing Financial Tools in Extraco eBank

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From creating budgets to tracking spending, eBank is full of financial tools to help you see your financial “big picture”. 

Incorporate your Extraco accounts, external bank accounts, and manually added financials into our budgeting, savings, debt, and spending tools. 

Using Extraco eBank, we’ve made it easy for you to take a “big picture” look at your financial journey. Combine all of your accounts, non-Extraco included, to build out visual dashboards.

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Here are the tools available in Extraco eBank:

Debt Tracking

Link your Extraco and non-Extraco credit cards, loans, and more to view a helpful dashboard. Create a priority list of debt sorted by total balance, interest rate, the total amount due, or payoff date. 


View trends in income and fees for each or all of your accounts. Toggle between chart and table view to see changes in income at a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1-year interval. You can click into each category to see subcategories like "paycheck" or "general income".


Assess your spending habits by category with an easy-to-understand chart view. You can view spending across all linked accounts or filter by specific ones. Filter by date ranges like all-time, last month, this month, and others. Users can easily view income categories under this tab as well.

Extraco Banks Budgeting Tool iPad eBank

Create easy-to-view monthly budgets using your existing transactions, income, and more. Using the filters, you can view specific account budgets or create a single budget across multiple accounts. You can adjust transactions between set budget categories or even create your own. Easily export transactions and budgets into a spreadsheet for your records.

Net Worth

View a chart of changes in your net worth based on the accounts you have linked. You can view data in 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year intervals and filter between single or all accounts. Click into the data to view assets and liabilities by type including checking, savings, and loans. 


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