Update to Fraud Alerts — How It Works

Fraud Alerts

Extraco is changing the way you receive fraud alerts!

Here is the updated process:

Step 1: Card Suspended

Your card will be suspended to prevent any further transactions

Fraud Alert short code

















Step 2: Text Message

You'll receive a text message from the phone number 96923 asking for you to verify or reject the transaction in question

Step 3: Email 

If you do not respond to the text message within five minutes, you'll receive the same message via email.

Step 4: Phone Call

If you do not respond directly to the email within five minutes, you will receive a phone call from the number 800.237.8990 to your home phone number on file. If you do not have a home phone, you'll receive a call to the mobile phone number listed on your account. You'll also receive a call to the work number we have on file (if applicable) if you do not answer the call to your mobile phone number.

If you miss the text message, email and phone call, you will need to call 855.293.2456 to confirm or reject the transaction and unlock your card.


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