How to Enroll in Positive Pay

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Don't wait for fraud to occur to start using Positive Pay. Protect your business and enroll today! 


Identifying and preventing fraudulent check payments helps your organization avoid financial loss, costly disruptions, and reputation damage. Positive Pay compares checks that are trying to clear the account to a list of authorized checks that you provide. If the check date, amount and serial number match, we will pay the check item. If it does not, we will present an image of the check electronically so you can decide to pay the item or return it as fraudulent.

 Positive Pay requires four data points to function properly:

1.  Checking Account Number

2. Check Date

3. Check Amount

4. Check Number

Before setting up your Positive Pay, make sure that you have the information above easily accessible.


How to set up Positive Pay:

1. Go to our website, select the Business tab, and then select Treasury.

2. Click the Get Started button in the upper right corner and fill out the form.

3. Once the form has been submitted, a Treasury Management Consultant will reach out and help you set up your Positive Pay account.

4. After your account has been approved, you will be provided with your online user ID and a temporary password. The password will need to be changed when you log in for the first time.

5. Log on to eBank.

6. Select Positive Pay from the main menu.

7. Launch Advanced Options.

8. Select Submit Issued Check File.

9. Choose file or input details.

10. System will provide a confirmation message when files are uploaded. 


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