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Are there restrictions on where I can use my Travelex Cash Passport?

There are a number of countries / regions where the Travelex Cash Passport cannot be used. If you attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM, or use your Card at shops, restaurants, hotels and online in any of these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as 'Decline, prohibited country'.

Please check the full list of countries where the Travelex Cash Passport cannot be used.

What is my Travelex PIN number?

You can call the number on the back of your Travelex card and use the Travelex Cash Passport automated service to access your PIN number.

How do I find out my Travelex balance?

Simply go to www.cashpassport.com and click on My Account, register and you’ll be able to see your Travelex Cash Passport Card balance right away – you can also review recent transactions. In addition, you can call the number on the back of your card to use the automated balance service.

You can go online or call the number on the back of your card for balance inquiries to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How do I cash out my Travelex card?

If your trip is over and you don’t plan on taking another one any time soon, you can cash-out your card to get the remaining balance returned to you. There are a few different ways to withdraw your remaining balance (fees may apply):

  • Use an ATM that accepts Debit MasterCard (assuming it’s within the ATM’s issuing limits)
  • Take your card to any Travelex location and they’ll withdraw the balance for you, less any applicable fees (see your Terms & Conditions for further details)
  • Call the number on the back of your card and speak to a representative.  
How do I replace a lost or stolen Travelex card?

If your Travelex card is lost or stolen, contact Travelex Cash Passport Customer Services immediately at 954-838-8294 so they can cancel the lost or stolen card and provide you with a free* replacement. Rest assured that your balance is PIN protected and you can still access those funds with either your replacement or secondary Card.

What’s the difference between a Chip & PIN card and my regular credit or debit card?

Here in the United States, the credit card industry continues to use the magnetic stripe technology (this is the black stripe you see on the back of any credit or debit card), sometimes international travelers report acceptance issues abroad using their current credit and debit cards. The Chip & PIN, or EMV, technology allows for wider acceptance abroad. In addition, your personal information is not on the Travelex Cash Passport, reducing the risk of identity theft if your card is lost or stolen.

Can I change my order once it has been placed or return it to Travelex if I don’t take my trip?

Yes, Travelex understands that travel plans can change, so they will do their best to amend your order. Changes cannot be guaranteed (for example, if the order has already been sent out for delivery). If you need to change your order, please contact Travelex's customer service team as soon as you can at 516-300-1622 or email them at [email protected]. Please note that based on industry-standard changes to currency rates updated multiple times a day, customers may incur additional costs for changes to orders or a decision by the customer that currency will be sold back to Travelex. The customer should be aware that Travelex rates, margins, and fees may vary from its competitors and may vary based on order and delivery method.

My Travelex order was rejected, why did Travelex take my payment?

If your order was rejected, the funds currently available in your account may have reduced by the value of your attempted order.  This means that your card issuer has provided authorization for Travelex to take payment.  As Travelex has rejected the order they won’t be taking the funds.  However, your card issuer may keep this “ring fence” on your funds for up to ten days.  Please call the number on the back of your card for more information.

Why was my Travelex order rejected?

For security reasons, Travelex may be unable to inform you of the specific reason your order was rejected. Please call us to ensure that your card information is up-to-date and that you currently have funds available on your card. If you’re using a credit card, your card issuer may consider this transaction a cash advance so it may be necessary for you to speak with them.

If you’re still unable to order please call us at 516-300-1622 or email Travelex at [email protected].