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NEW Savvy Savings

NEW! Savvy Savings

Savvy Savings is a new way for Extraco customers to save. Enroll to start saving the round-up amount from debit card purchases! You can choose which debit card you want to enroll for Savvy Savings and which savings account you want the round-ups to go.

Complete this form to enroll in Savvy Savings!

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Account Holder Information
Please submit one form per individual account owner. If you have a joint account, each account owner needs to fill out this form
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This is the card you want Savvy Savings to track and round-up savings from. The round-ups from each purchase you make on this card will add to savings!
This is the account number you want the round-up savings to be deposited into. (If you wish for savings to deposit into another person's account, please contact Customer Service at 1.866.EXTRACO (398.7226).)


Important Disclosures and Information

  • APY: Annual Percentage Yield
  • Tiered interest rates: Interest rates and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) may change in value at the bank's discretion. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates are subject to change.
  • Transaction limits: Transfers to another account, or to a third party via any means are limited to 6 per statement cycle. A $15 fee will apply to each debit/check transactions exceeding the limitations.
  • Sweep: A regular sweep of funds from an Extraco checking account to the Money Market Savings Account. It can also be set up to cover any outstanding non-sufficient funds in a checking account to avoid overdraft service fees.
  • CD Requirements: A minimum of $1,000 required to open a CD and earn the Annual Percentage Yield (APY).
  • Rates are accurate as of 11.17.2022