It's your license to save. The picture is a young woman with an arm full of shopping bags, holding an Extraco Banks debit card at the mall.

Bonus Banking (most popular)

Cash Back is a great feature of Bonus Banking.

Getting cash back on your debit card purchases is pretty great, but when you combine it with ExtraRewards, it’s Extraordinary.

Picture of a pickup truck with a giant roll of cash in the bed of the truck.

Solution Checking

Simple solutions for your daily banking needs.

Still trying to put all the financial pieces together? Solution Banking is a smart choice in today’s banking environment.

A money puzzle

Basic Checking

Sometimes getting back to the basics is all you really need.

Basic features. Worry-free banking. Convenient access around-the-clock.

Children's A B C blocks.

Interest Checking

The convenience of a checking account and the interest of a savings account.

Earning interest on a checking account is not a thing of the past.

A picture of a hedge bush cut into the shape of a dollar sign.
  1. Free use of Extraco ATMs and up to $20 reimbursed per statement cycle when using other banks ATMs.
  2. Active payroll direct deposit of $250.00 or more, no more than 1 chargeback per month, no more than 5 NSFs per quarter.
  3. Basic Interest: Use eStatements, use direct deposit 1 time per statement cycle, use debit card 10 times per statement cycle or Premium Interest: Qualify for Basic Interest, use Bill Pay 5 times per statement cycle, Use debit card 60 times per statement cycle.
  4. Complete 4 of the following 5 actions per statement cycle: Use Direct Deposit, use Debit Card 30 times, use eStatements, use online bill pay, be 65 years or older.
  5. Free use of Extraco ATMs.
  6. Maintain a balance of $1,500 or more per statement cycle to avoid $7.95 fee.
  7. Online Banking and eStatements are required for Solutions Banking account.
  8. Maintain a balance of $2,500 or more per statement cycle to avoid $7.95 fee.

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