Employees can be paid using Netspend Payroll Card from Extraco

Netspend Payroll Card

Stop writing checks for employees and achieve 100% direct deposit.

Offer employees another way to get paid while streamlining your payroll process.

Move to 100% direct deposit with the Skylight® PayOptions Program. Enroll employees and execute payroll with your existing ACH Direct Deposit process.

  • Skylight ONE Card allows employees to receive their paycheck for use via a Visa® debit card or Debit Mastercard® 
Benefits for Employers
  • Easy way to move all payroll to Direct Deposit
  • A streamlined and easy-to-use processing platform that can schedule and execute payroll
  • Reduce the number of checks cut each pay period
  • Save money on postage, replacing, or cancelling checks
  • Access to robust reporting and records
Benefits for Employees
  • Use debit card wherever Visa® and Mastercard® are accepted
  • Eliminate time spent depositing or cashing checks
  • Easy-to-use mobile app, Skylight Mobile App
  • Anytime Alerts with text or email notifications
  • Earn cash back on every day spending 


Simplify your payroll process.

Our Treasury Management team is ready to help you make payroll a breeze for you and your employees.

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