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Hurdlr is a simple business expense and mileage tracking app for business owners and other entrepreneurs.


What is Hurdlr?

Hurdlr is an app built for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and gig workers to easily track their business expenses, mileage, and self-employment income taxes. This helps lower their taxes and maximize their profit!

Benefits of Hurdlr include:

  • 100% automatic mileage tracking
  • Built-in AI technology learns your tagging habits and helps you tag expenses and mileage automatically and serves them up to you for quick reference
  • Automatically shows detailed tax calculations with your potential tax deductions
  • Instantly links with your other financial accounts
  • Generates real-time reports of your business finances
  • And more



How Does Hurdlr Work?

Mileage Tracking

Hurdlr tracks your mileage using your cell phone. Keep it in your vehicle and the tracker will run in the background. Categorize work-related trips and Hurdlr will calculate your deductible expenses. It's the easiest way to stay on top of your mileage and expenses.

Income Tracking

To monitor your earnings with Hurdlr, connect your accounts (such as PayPal, Uber, Stripe, etc.) to the app. When you receive income for your business, label it as business income. If you opt for Premium, the app will categorize your income according to the rules you establish.

Expense Tracking

Keeping and organizing a stack of expense receipts for all your purchases is unbearable. Hurdlr makes this completely automatic with artificial intelligence-based tracking, so there’s no need for you to waste time organizing receipts.

Tax Estimator

As you earn income and incur expenses, Hurdlr will provide you with a comprehensive estimation of your Federal, state, and self-employment tax burden. This user-friendly platform ensures that you have a clear understanding of your financial standing, allowing you to make informed decisions and manage your finances with ease.

How do you access Hurdlr? 

Hurdlr is available through Extraco's eBank Marketplace! Don't have eBank? Click here to learn more and download our app.

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