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Homebase helps small businesses manage employee scheduling, time clocks, payroll, communication and more - all in one place.

Homebase serves local food and beverage, retail, healthcare, beauty, repair, cleaning, and many other service businesses. 


Everything you need to manage your team, from their first day to last. Learn how you can use Homebase for your business:

Grow your team:

  • Hiring: Post to top job boards and manage applicants all in one place
  • Onboarding: Send a welcome packet for new hires to self-onboard and e-sign for their forms

Pay your team:

  • Payroll: Process payroll in Homebase, as it will handle payments, taxes and filings for you
  • Pay advances: Homebase gives your team early access to pay with no liability to you

Get to work:

  • Scheduling: Build schedules in minutes and instantly share them with your team
  • Time tracking: Turn (almost) any device into a time clock to make payroll prep a breeze
  • Team communication: Get your team in sync with messaging, real-time alerts, and more
  • Remote & field work: GPS time clocks, built-in messaging, and more for teams at job sites
  • Labor cost controls: Track costs, build forecasts, and prevent labor leakage 

Take care of your team:

  • Team roster and paperwork: Organize all your employee information in one place
  • Time off: Manage availability, process time-off requests, and track paid-time-off policies
  • Employee happiness: Perks and tools to help your team be happy and successful 
  • Health & safety: Screen for symptoms before shifts to help keep everyone safe
  • HR and compliance: Get help from certified HR advisors and expert resources


What makes Homebase different?
  • Ditch the paperwork! Homebase allows you to onboard employees, manage performance and set up policies to work for you.
  • Access Homebase on computers, smartphones, tablets and POS anywhere you are.
  • Homebase is available via phone, email or chat. You're also able to talk with one of their expert HR advisors to answer your toughest HR questions.
  • Use Homebase to run payroll or sync hours to other top payroll providers. Connect your POS to track labor and sales together through the Homebase app. 


How can I subscribe to Homebase?

Homebase is only available to Extraco customers. To enroll, follow the steps listed below:

  1. You must subscribe using a desktop computer
  2. Select 'Q2 Marketplace'
  3. Select 'Store'
  4. You will see the Homebase icon
  5. Click 'subscribe' 

You will complete all enrollment questions and pick the subscription plan that best meet your needs. After you enroll, you will be able to use your mobile device to access. 


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