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eBank System Requirements

Review the eBank system requirements guide to ensure your desktop, browser, and phone are up to date and meet system requirements to run eBank efficiently. 




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Quicken/Quickbooks/Mint - Aggregation and Express Web Connect Services




QuickBooks Macintosh: 



QuickBooks Windows:
QuickBooks Online:


Quicken Macintosh:
Quicken Windows:





IMPORTANT note on Aggregation/Express Web Connect services:

Aggregation services will be interrupted for up to 5 business days after your upgradeRecommendations for the following services, during the outage:

  • Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect – Convert to Web or Direct Connect if you prefer not to wait 5 business days.
  • QuickBooks Online – Export a Web Connect file if you prefer to wait 5 business days.
  • Mint - Do not open Mint application for 5 business days after the upgrade to ensure the Mint product is properly updated.



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