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COMING SOON! Prizeout Offers

Where brands give you more through digital gift cards

Bank with convenience, including buying gift cards

We're introducing a new way for customers to buy digital gift cards directly through our eBank app. With Prizeout Offers, customers can purchase digital gift cards with bonus offers any time they want using funds directly from their checking accounts.


Want to get the absolute most out of your next shopping experience? Look no further with Prizeout Offers. Benefits of purchasing gift cards include:

  • Earn bonus value of 10%, 20% and more
  • Choose from national & local brands you love
  • Personalized offers just for you
  • Receive digital gift cards within moments 

Anytime you purchase a digital gift card powered by Prizeout Offers using funds from your Extraco checking account, you can receive bonus offers!

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How do I use Prizeout Offers?

You can access the Prizeout Offers platform directly from your online banking or eBank app! Login to your online banking and you'll see a Prizeout Offers tile!


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Online banking services let you manage your money anytime from anywhere you have internet access. 

  • Extraco eBank provides streamlined navigation, intuitive menus, and delivers account, bill pay, and mobile deposit features via an optimized user interface. 
  • The platform also feature seamless security and financial wellness tools— including ways to save, send money, and make purchases.

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How Prizeout Offers works with local businesses

Through digital card sales, Prizeout Offers helps businesses acquire customers and earn revenue. Once approved as a partner business, your logo and information will be featured on the Prizeout Offers page for customers to purchase digital gift cards from your business. 

There is a simple and quick onboarding process for merchants. Contact one of our small business bankers to start the process today!

Cameron Curry

Senior Commercial Specialist
Treasury Management Specialist

Cameron Curry

Jarrett Warren 

 Senior Commercial Specialist
 Small Business Consultant

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