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Every business comes with unique challenges. Banking shouldn’t be one of them. Extraco understands the importance of a quick and easy online banking solution that fits your business, your busy schedule, and all your transactional needs. 

Whatever the size of your business, whatever industry you're in, Extraco eBusiness provides the tools you need. Because today’s CEOs and business owners need mobility and flexibility, eBusiness Banking offers a simple, secure, and seamless experience available on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Get ready for a better online banking experience. 



Extraco eBusiness Features:

  • One-stop banking for all of your cash management services
  • Direct Quickbooks integration
  • No need for multiple sign-on requirements and tokens
  • Dual control for wire and ACH transactions
  • Decision Positive Pay exception via desktop or mobile app
  • Easy management of ACH payments, and wire transfers. (recurring, future-dated)
  • Tax payment submission-easily submit state and federal taxes
  • Bill pay
  • 24-hour access via desktop, tablet, or mobile



Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the high-level features of online business banking?

  • Single and batch ACH debit/credit
  • ACH Pass-Thru
  • ACH Transactions for direct deposit payroll
  • Domestic and international wire transfer
  • Federal and state tax payments
  • Positive Pay integration
  • Remote Deposit and Bill Pay integration

What devices can be used for online banking?

Smartphones, tablets, and desktops. iOS and Android devices are supported.

What are some of the mobile features?

  • Full online cash management
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Email and text alerts

Alert Information

Account, Date, History, Insufficient Funds, and Transaction alerts can be established. Alerts can also be delivered to the system’s secure mailbox, or email, phone or text. Dual authorization via alerts is available to ensure transactions receive the proper approvals.

Tell me more about security.

Multi-layer security is in place. This means a stratified approach is taken that includes Secure Sign-on across devices, risk and fraud analytics, multi-factor authorizations including Short Message Service (SMS), challenge codes, rights entitlements, transaction limits, and more.



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