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Complete several of your daily banking activities with our state-of-the-art video banking machines.

Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Skip the drive-thru line and use an ExtraBanker to complete several of your everyday banking transactions and activities.

Our video banking machines offer the convenience of an ATM with the personal assistance of a Relationship Banker– all at the push of a button.

ExtraBanker Capabilities

  • Withdraw Cash
  • Deposit Cash and Checks
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Cash Checks
  • Make Account Inquiries
  • Speak to a Live Banker


On-Demand Assistance

ExtraBankers provide customers with more assistance options than a traditional ATM or iTM. While the ExtraBankers do not require a live banker's assistance to complete most transactions, customers can always choose to receive partial or full service help during business hours.

Service options



New ExtraBanker Locations 

You can find several indoor ExtraBankers located within our branches, as well as our new fleet of outdoor ExtraBankers that we are excited to install during Summer and Fall 2020. Please excuse our drive-thru construction as we get the ExtraBankers installed and ready for our customers! Be on the lookout for more information on how we're celebrating the new locations.

NEW! Waco: Downtown

Branch photo of DT Waco

NEW! Temple: Downtown

Extraco Banks Temple Downtown Branch

NEW! Waco: H-E-B

HEB Branch Photo

NEW! Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove Branch Photo

NEW! Killeen

photo of killeen branch

Georgetown (Coming Soon)

Georgetown Branch

McGregor (Coming Soon)

McGregor branch photo

Harker Heights (Coming Soon)

Photo of Heights branch


ExtraBanker FAQs

Q: Can non-Extraco Customers use the ExtraBanker?
  • Yes! Non-customers are able to use ExtraBankers as they would a normal ATM. They can also cash checks drawn off of an Extraco account but will require assistance from a live banker to do so. 
Q: Can I choose bill denominations when withdrawing cash from an ExtraBanker?
  • Yes! When conducting a cash withdrawal, select your bills or choose from options like "fewest bills" or "mixed bills."
Q: When you request assistance on an ExtraBanker, who answers?
  • When you request help or have a transaction that requires approval, you'll be connected with one of our Relationship Bankers who are located at our Downtown Temple call center.

Q: What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor ExtraBanker?
  • Outdoor ExtraBankers are used much like an ATM when you begin a session. You'll enter your debit card and pin or account number to get started. Indoor ExtraBankers allow customers to access their accounts using their account number, social security number, or debit card. The indoor and outdoor ExtraBankers also look different– outdoor machines are grey and look similar to an ATM and the indoor machines are white and have a large screen. 
Q: Are ExtraBankers available 24/7?
  • Outdoor ExtraBankers are available 24/7, but connecting with a live banker is limited to business hours of Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am–12:00pm. You will not be able to go over the standard ATM limits after these hours. Indoor ExtraBankers are available based on each branch's lobby hours. 
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Deposit from the comfort of your own home

Skip the trip to the ATM and use the Extraco eBank Mobile Deposit feature.

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Important Disclosures and Information

  • Data and mobile rates may apply to mobile banking services.
  • Remote Deposit Services: Mobile and ATM deposit services subject to approval and must be requested.