Caregiver with Elderly

Disability & Long-Term Care

Protect your savings and get excellent care.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you become chronically ill or are unable to perform your daily activities without substantial assistance, long-term disability insurance may help pay for the care you need.

Key Considerations:

  • Helps to protect your savings and other assets
  • Helps you avoid government dependence
  • Helps you maintain a better quality of life

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Planning for the unexpected is expected these days. Very few people make it to retirement without some sort of accident or illness. Don’t let an unexpected incident set you back for life.

Key Considerations: 

  • Replaces a portion of your income should you become disabled
  • Helps protect your family in the event of a serious accident or illness
  • Helps you meet your day-to-day expense needs